The core principle of LEF's career development resources is to assist young Latinos to achieve academic and employment success as they transition into adulthood, careers or future education. LEF staff facilitate workshops for students and young adults on how to write a resume, complete college applications, financial aid, and skills assessments etc. LEF’s Career Clubs (Job clubs) are intended to be career development resources for students and young adults. LEF's career clubs provide participants with the following: resume


writing, college application workshops, financial aid workshops, skills assessment, career counseling readiness, work experience, temporary employment, on the job mentoring, and a series of professional development workshops. This includes the initial assessment of the participant’s skills and work history. LEF plans to help participants overcome physical, emotional and financial barriers so they can attend college, maintain jobs and balance the demands of work for career advancement. Remedial education and ESL classes are provided through community referrals. LEF intends to achieve this through reinforcing LEF’s message that education is the pathway to self-sufficiency through a successful career. This message is delivered to the students by demonstrating the practical benefits of staying in school and becoming life-long learners.