Financial Literacy is important, to provide Latino students with the knowledge they will need to make informed decisions about their future and the future of their families. Latino children are often involved in financial decisions, especially among Latino immigrants; therefore it is important to educate them on the core basis of the American financial institutions. LEF strives to hold financial literacy classes to educate students on banking, credit, bankruptcy and mortgage lending. An educated and informed population makes a strong and innovated workforce.


LEF has develop an innovated and forward thinking, out-of-the-box program that promises to provide students with hands on financial literacy experience. The program is called Student Loan Board. LEF has partnered with El Ranch High School in Pico Rivera, California to awarded a 3 year $6,000 grant to El Rancho High School to administer LEF's Student Loan Board. Students will serve on the Student Loan Board and set interest rates, assess risk and return on investments per loan. Loans will be provided to supplement student programs and each program will repaid the loans with interest through their fundraising activities. The program is to provide hands-on experience on how loans work from the point of view of a bank. The idea is for students to serve as the Federal Reserve or bank board of directors