LEF Research Papers

LEF believes making true advancement in education is through public policy therefore students will be provided with opportunities to write White Papers (policy papers) on topics related to their field of study and their community. These students will work with LEF staff to develop paper concepts. Once complete and approved by LEF staff, the papers will be published on LEF’s website. The idea is to create a mini-community think tank. 


The US Oil and Gas Industry in 2012

The US Oil and Gas Industry in 2012

Within the US, the O&G industry makes significant contributions to the national economy both as one of the
largest employers in the nation, as well as a purchaser of goods and services. 

LEF looks at the Industry Advances, Challenges and Future Solutions. 

The Need for National Financial Literacy

The Need for Financial National Literacy

Since the 2008 financial crisis financial literacy has become important for everyone to understand. LEF looks at the need for financial literacy as a key element in a sound education policy.